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Worldwide Amateur Radio

Call Books and Call Servers

ARRL The Amateur Radio Relay League

Amur Region (Zone 19) Callbook Russian language

Andorra Callsign List From the Andorra QSL bureau

Antarctic Activity & QSL Information

Argentina (LU) Callbook

A.R.I. - Busto Arsizio Callbook Italian Section

Aruba (P4) Callbook

Australian Online Register of Radiocommunications Licences

Australian (VK's) On The Internet

Austria (OE) Callbook TKS Kurt, OE1002419 (580 kB zipped .pdf file)

Azores (CU) Callbook

Bahrain (A9) Callbook

Bangladesh A.R.L. Members List

Belarus Callbook

Belarus - BFRR QSL Bureau BFRR members that can receive QSLs via the bureau

Belgium (ON) Callbook

Belgium Special & Contest Calls

Bermuda (VP9) Callbook With QSL and Internet Addresses

Bosnia-Herzegovina (T9) Callbook

Bosnia-Herzegovina (T9) Callbook ARABIH Callbook 2005

Brazil (PY) Callbook by CWSP - Sao Paulo CW Group

Brazil (PY) Database Telecommunications database

Brazil Special Call & QSL Managers

Buckmaster Worldwide Callbook Includes county, and grid locator

Bulgarian (LZ) Callbook DataBase Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs

Bylorussian (EU...EW) Callbook Republic of Belarus - includes call area map

Canadian Callsign Database New callsigns added as they are issued

Kingston Amateur Radio Club Radio Club AND Call look up

Canadian Maritime Provinces Callbook Halifax Amateur Radio Club

China QRZ China QSL Info Database

Corsica (TK) Callbook

Crete (SV9) Call Book

Croatia (9A) Callbook

Cuba (CO) Callbook

Czech Rep. (OK) Callbook

Czech Rep. (OK) Callbook CVS file download

Czech Rep. (OK) Callbook XLS file download

Denmark - QRV.DK

Dominica (J7) Call Listing

Ecuador - Guayaquil R.C. Callbook by HC2AE Callbook

Egypt - Amateur Radio Assembly Members List

Estonia (ES) Callbook ERAU

Estonia (ES) Callbook

Finland (OH) Callbook

Finland (OH) 1997 Callbook

Finland (OH) Vanity Calls

France (REF) Callsign Database

Gabon (TR) Callbook Radio Amateurs of Gabon Members

German (DL) Callbook DARC

Greece (SV) Callbook

Greece (SV) Radio Amateurs E-Mail List

Guam - MIDXA Listing

Guernsey (GU) Callbook

Hong Kong (VR2) - List of Available Call Signs

Hungary (HA/HG) Callbook

I QRP Callbook Italy

Iceland (TF) Callbook IRA members

India (VU) Callbook

Indonesia (YB) Callbook ORARI National Callbook

Ireland (EI) Callbook IRTS

Israel (4X / 4Z) Callbook

Italy Callbook by A.R.I. Trieste

Italy - A.R.I. Sezione Callbook Text

Japan - JARL Member Search

Japan URL Callbook Amateur radio web sites

Kenya (5Z4) Callbook Amateur Radio Society of Kenya

Komi Republic Callbook R*X*, R*X**, UA9XA - UA9XZ; Russian language

Labrador (VO2) Online Callbook Canada

Latvia (YL) Callbook

Latvia Radio Amateur's E-mail Addresses

Lebanon (OD) Callbook RAL members Web site currently not operational

Lebanese White Pages

Lithuania (LY) Callbook

Logbook Of The World (LoTW) List of Users

Luxembourg (LX) Callbook R.L. (Bureau) members

Luxembourg (LX) Ham Web Site Addresses

Luxembourg (LX) JOTA Calls

Macedonia (Z3) Call Book

Moldova (ER) Callbook

Monaco (3A) Callbook (1999)

Mongolia (JT) Callbook (2008) includes eMail addresses .pdf file

Montenegro Callbook Savez Radio-Amatera Crne Gore

Montserrat (VP2M) Callsign List

Netherlands (PA) Callsign Database

Netherlands (PA) E-mail & URL Addresses

Netherland (PA) Calls - New and Changed

New Zealand Radio Frequency Register Radio/Spectrum Licence Search

Newfoundland (VO1) Online Callbook Canada

Newfoundland & Labrador (VO1-VO2) Club Callbook Canada

Nicaragua (YN) Callbook

Norway (LA) Callbook

Norway (LA) Callsign Database

Norwegian RadioAmateurs List

Papua New Guinea (P2) Call Sign Database

PARA Database Amateur Radio Operators in the Philippines

Peru (OA) Callbook .pdf file

Philippine Hams On The Web addresses, email addresses, web sites and more

Poland (SP) Callbook

Portugal (CT) Callbook

QRZ CD ROM THE place to look for addresses of HAMs worldwide

Romanian (YO) Callbook

Romanian (YO) Email Callbook Romanian Amateurs on the Internet

RSGB List of Special Contest Callsigns Contest Call / Club Call

Russian Callbook by QRZ.RU - Russian language

Russian Internet Callbook Addresses, e-mail addresses, web sites!

Russian-Speaking Radio Amateurs World-Wide by NT2X

Russian-Speaking xUSSR HAMs Callbook by U_VE

Sabah Amateur Radio Society Callbook 9M6, 9W6 and SWL listings

San Marino (T7) Callbook

Seychells (S7) Callbook

Slovakia (OM) Callbook by OM2ADP

Slovenia (S5) Callbook Listing ZRS members only

Sri Lanka Call Sign Index

South Africa (ZS) Callbook ZR, ZS, ZU, and SARL members who hold foreign callsigns

Sri Lanka (4S) Callbook

Swedish (SM) Callbook Society for Swedish Amateur Radio

Sweden Contest and Special Callsigns

Sweden Special Callsign List Society for Swedish Amateur Radio

Syria (YK) Callbook

Taiwan (BV) Callbook

Tajikistan (EY) Callbook Never send Green Stamps to Tajikistan, use IRCs

Tajikistan (UJ8/RJ8) Callbook (pre 1994) Never send Green Stamps to Tajikistan, use IRCs

Thailand (HS/E2) Callbook

Trinidad & Tobago Amateur Radio Society Members List

Tula Area Callbook Tula, Russia

Turkey (TA) Callbook

Ukraine (UR) Callbook by UARL - Includes Oblasts

Ukrainia (Mariupol City Only) Callbook Download .zip file

Uruguay (CX) Callbook

Uruguayan (CX) Radio Amateur Callbook Updated: 2606 stations - February 15, 2008

U.S.A. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup University of Arkansas

Vatican City Web Site - HV5PUL

Venezuela (YV) Callbook

Venezuela Special Callsigns (YW, YX, 4M) Lookup

YU6 Callbook Montenegro

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