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Thanks for looking at our Multimode EchoLink™ Interface.

The USB version of our EchoLink Multimode Interface in here!

Echolink Multimode Interface

with the Proto Playground™

(an area on the PCB for prototyping)

Our's is the Best!

Just ask Gordo.

Gordon West (WB6NOA) and I at HamCom 2011 in Plano

The W5TXR Multimode EchoLink Interface

Additional Modes supported:


Included on the CD ROM is the world famous

MMSSTV / MTTY software by

JE3HHT, Makoto (Mako) Mori

The EchoLink / Multimode Interfaces will be available in Serial (DB-9) or USB!

Availability: NOW!

US Military: Shipping to ALL APO and FPO addresses!

Shipping Worldwide to most countries!

The EchoLink Interface is available as a kit or assembled and tested (w/warranty)

The W5TXR Electronic Labs interface

is Made in the USA.

FCC Part 15 Certified

Documentatation is available in the following foreign languages:




Documentation will be available in the following languages:




Design Features:

The W5TXR Electronic Labs EchoLink / Multimode interface works with

analog transceivers as well as digital i.e. P25, Astro, D-Star

Optional : Nuisance Ham DTMF encoder - decoder system

Call for details

The Proto Playground™ is a unique

large prototyping area for the experimenter with a row of+5,+12 and ground!

AC adapter included (assembled model only).

Passive Sound-Card operation for digital modes like RTTY, WSJT, PSK31, SSTV, WEFAX.... No configuration changes are required when changing modes. Software for these modes available at various Ham Radio related sites on the Internet.

SSTV & RTTY software is included or use your own.

Unlike other EchoLink Interfaces, an onboard (HT9170B) DTMF decoder IC is utilized for reliability.

Optional AC Adapter available for kit and assembled models.

Optional adapters available for European, middle East and Asian countries.

All audio and control I/O brought out to 3.5mm (1/8") jacks. 12-15vdc power is supplied through a standard 2.1mm coaxial barrel type jack. RS-232 I/O via standard DB-9 female connector.

An Auxiliary Control Relay is included.

This relay is turned on and off using the DTMF keys on your remote radio. Use it to trigger or control anything you like. Route audio or power through the relay.

A high-pass filter in the TX audio to mic input line to reduce hum and PL tones.

Internal trimpots for RX and TX audio level adjustments.

COS or VOX RX Control.

COS greatly reduces drop-out and "falsing" that is sometimes experienced when using VOX RX Control. (Requires COS signal from radio).

All components are mounted on the pc board. No wires!

Available as a kit or fully assembled

High quality components for reliable operation. The double sided (US Made) HQ FR4 Specification) PTH pc board is professionally designed and manufactured with RoHS compliance in mind, silkscreen (white part designator text) and soldermask (green anti-solder coating).

Repeater controller friendly ! Can be connected directly to a multi-port repeater controller. No problems with audio feedback or isolation.

Ordering Information:

Transceivers with push-pull receive audio (Higher quality radios) e.g. Motorola GM300 and Mitrek must not let one side of the audio line come in contact with ground. Push-Pull audio (class B) Audio line have 2 'hots' If you are not sure call us when you order and we can determine which ever it is.

The audio finals will look something like figure 1 below

To Order call (830) 625-2998

We accept credit cards!

Order on line with pay pal.

NEVER send your credit card information in an e-mail !

Assembled and Tested Version

EchoLink Interface Assembled and Tested with DB-9 Serial port.

No product

EchoLink Interface Kit (RoHS Compliant) DB-9 Serial port

No product

EchoLink Interface Assembled and Tested with USB 2.0 port (RoHS)

No product

If you don't like or do Pay pal we accept credit cards over the phone too.

Call or e-mail me for shipping to other countries other that the US

EchoLink Interface Options

19" Standard rack mount for the W5TXR Multimode Interface

No product

More options coming!

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