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In The Great State of Texa


and Mississippi

Proud Member of the ARRL,

Radio Society of Great Britain

and QCWA.

"Once you go Mac, You'll never go back!" -mal

"Amateur Radio is a Contact Sport"® -mal

"What's in your hamshack?" -mal

"It's not the Class of the license that the Amateur holds. But, the Class of the Amateur that holds the License"


"Never put a comma where God put a period"

- mal

"Ain't God Good!" - Jerry Clower

Some Texas Wisdom....

By: Various Texans

Experience can be a difficult teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterward.

You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

Daddy always said "Never ask someone where they're from, If they're from Texas they'll let you know, If they're not you might embarrass 'em

There are three kinds of men: Those that learn by reading.

Those that learn by observation.

And the rest of us, that have to pee on the electric fence for ourselves."

"If you’re ridin' ahead of the herd, take a look back ever now and then and to make sure it’s still there."

"Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons"

One of my projects!

WW II German Peoples Radio

Built under the authority of the Third Reich

der Volksempfänger


The purpose of the Volksempfänger-program was to make radio reception technology affordable to the general public. Joseph Goebbels realized the great propaganda potential of this relatively new medium and thus considered widespread availability of receivers highly important.

Reception was extremely limited, It was designed by Otto Griessing

The Volksempfänger was designed to be produced as cheaply as possible, as a consequence they generally lacked shortwave bands and did not follow the practice, common at the time, of marking the approximate dial positions of major European stations on its tuning scale. Only German and Austrian stations were marked and cheaper models only listed arbitrary numbers. Sensitivity was limited to reduce production costs further, so long as the set could receive Deutschlandsender and the local Reichssender it was considered sensitive enough, although foreign stations could be received after dark with an external antenna, particularly as stations such as the BBC increased transmission power during the course of the war.

Listening to foreign stations became a criminal offense in Nazi Germany when the war began, while in some occupied territories, such as Poland, all radio listening by non-German citizens was outlawed (later in the war this prohibition was extended to a few other occupied countries coupled with mass seizures of radio sets). Penalties ranged from fines and confiscation of radios to, particularly later in the war, sentencing to a concentration camp or capital punishment. Nevertheless, such clandestine listening was widespread in many Nazi occupied countries and (particularly later in the war) in Germany itself. The Germans also attempted radio jamming of some enemy stations with limited success.

These receivers are extremely rare !

Most on ebay don't work and are in poor condition Tubes are extremely rare.

This one is in very good condition, although not working I do have a schematic series for all of the radios.

The design is weird, they cut corners everywhere in the design, no volume control!

Audio gain was achieved by the antenna coupling! Sensitivity must have been less than acceptable just by virtue of the design.

Volksempfänger DKE-38

The symbol of the Third Reich

Non calibrated dial, no frequencies

The chassis is in very good condition

Multi voltage 100, 120 240 Volts

All original parts !!

My most challenging restoration project!

I'm looking for the VE-301 too

Oooops Wrong manual for this radio.

My visit to the ARRL and W1AW

My visit to the ARRL and W1AW

A working wireless to telegraph board!

My Favorite Amateur Radio Gear

Got Fusion ?

Yaesu Fusion is Outstanding!

The FTM-400DR Base/Mobile and the FT-1DR-HD

The FT-991A replaced the FT-847 and Motorola CDM-1250

The AOR ARD-9000 Digital Voice Modem Interfaced to the FT-897D

and the W5TXR Electronic Labs (That's Me!) EchoLink Interface

connected to the Yaesu FTM-3200

The W5TXR Engineering

3.0 W5TXR Engineering EchoLink Interface

For Analog /Digital transceivers and repeaters, Push-Pull Audio compatible for high end radios e.g. Motorola Spectra, GM300, Maxtrac Transceivers

Call (830) 584-160 To Order

We also have a huge selection of custom shielded transceiver cables, Rack mount options and more.

Inside, Is a generous Prototype area for mods and experimenters!

My Favorite Teams

Do you know how hard it is being a Texan and being a NY Yankees fan ??

 One America News !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Amateur Radio is a Contact Sport"® -MAL

Good News....

Click here to download a copy of my article that appeared in the

ARRL's QST July 2011 Issue

And.. Thanks so much for the hundreds e-mails I received as a result of the column!

Not one single negative e-mail was received. Ham's are a great bunch of folks.

Real Time Solar-Terrestrial Conditions

ARRL Official Emergency Station

Ham Shack Hotline HHUS 5559 

Amateur Radio Station


ARRL Technical Coordinator, Mississippi Section

ARRL Certified Instructor



14.236 Mhz USB Analog & OFDM (AOR Digital)

My wife, the lovely and gracious Nancy is K5TXR.

Mark A. Lacy

Extra Class Operator

The ARRL CW Qualifying Run !

The ARRL CW Qualifying Run 10 and 15 WPM were not to bad, 20 WPM was difficult for me and 25 was my limit. The 25 WPM took multiple attempts

The FCC 1st Class

The first time I took the test I failed it, The exam was a bitch

there was no memorizing like today's GROL

It's too bad they didn't make these good for ever.

PCIA Certified Two-Way Radio Technician (lifetime)

Located in on Gulfport, Mississippi

33° 25' 58'" N

089° 08' 39" W

Elevation 42' AMSL

Grid EM50kk

ITU Zone 8

CQ Zone 4

Ten-Ten # 75652

I return 100% QSL Cards!

Amateur Radio Station W5TXR


The Amateur Radio Relay League


Radio Society of Great Britain

Quarter Century Wireless Association

Check Out Kimberly Murray's Super Real Deal

Texas Country Music!

In Loving Memory of:

CMSgt. Wendell Lamar Lacy (My Father)

January 18, 1933

October 10, 2014

William Ronald "Ronnie" Temple (Dad)

February 04, 1948

June 03, 2012

Roscoe William "Billy" Wixson

September 18, 1952

July 16, 1982   

Psalm 23

"Gone, But Never forgotten"

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