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FCC Part 97.401

Alaska Emergency Frequency

§ 97.401    Operation during a disaster. A station in, or within 92.6 km (50 nautical miles) of, Alaska may transmit emissions J3E and R3E on the channel at 5.1675 MHz (assigned frequency 5.1689 MHz) for emergency communications. The channel must be shared with stations licensed in the Alaska-Private Fixed Service. The transmitter power must not exceed 150 W PEP. A station in, or within 92.6 km of, Alaska may transmit communications for tests and training drills necessary to ensure the establishment, operation, and maintenance of emergency communication systems.

A few have asked me if I knew anything about the "Alaska Emergency Channel/Frequency"5.167.5 Mhz USB Most (perhaps all) HF radios on the market that include the 60 meter band include the option of enabling the "Alaska Emergency Frequency" I know that my Yaesu FT-950 and FT-897D both have it enabled. I've actually heard people using the frequency in Alaska. I know that Alaska State Troopers monitor that frequency because I have heard them. They along with the Coast Guard and other civil and municipal organizations monitor too.

 A amateur radio license is NOT required to use this frequency. But hams can use it along with any other Alaskan within the legal boundaries of the FCC rules. I have learned that many other people also monitor like people that are isolated and usually someone in a isolated village will monitor too. I think it's a great idea, too bad some of the larger states does not have a designated frequency i.e. Texas, Montana, Wyoming, North/South Dakota...

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