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Fine Amateur Radio Organizations in the United States
The ARRL  -  The Amateur Radio Relay League
The W5YI Group - Amateur Radio Instruction 
  WB6NOA - Gordon West  If you have ever met Gordon in person,
  he always has a smile on his face and he is always anxious to help
                 out a fellow ham with a question!
AMSAT  -   The Radio Amateur Satellite Corp.
The QWCA  - Quarter Century Wireless Association
CARF  - The Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship
MARS  -  Military Auxiliary Radio System 
MARS has a long history of providing worldwide auxiliary emergency communications during times of need. The combined three-service MARS programs (Army, Air Force, and Navy–Marine Corps) volunteer force of over 5,000 dedicated and skilled amateur radio operators provide the backbone of the MARS program. The main benefit of MARS membership is enjoying the amateur radio hobby through an ever-expanding horizon of MARS service to the nation. MARS members work by the slogan "Proudly serving those who serve".
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