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A country pop from the past
As children we are exposed to many influences some are good and some are not so good, this is where the fork in the road begins.
Fortunately I had many good influences, Country music is one.
Of course, Ham radio is another!
Very quickly I developed an appreciation for music.
Dad always took me to the office with him on Saturday (probably to give my mother a break!) and on the way Dad always had on the local radio station which played country music.
Dad being from Lanett, Alabama grew up listening to country music.
A lot of Country music today is what I call "Progressive Country"
Very few artists write/play "the real deal"!
To hear real country you need an XM radio, set it for channel 13
"Willie's Place" Or WSM from Nashville on 650 AM at night
WSM is one of a select few stations that have a clear channel allocated to them by the FCC.
So most of America (CONUS) can hear 650 AM at night.
Anyways...Every few  weeks or so I will try put up a Country Pop from the past
on this page.
I hope you enjoy music as I do.  - Mark
These were good times!
 Loretta Lynn

"Other Woman"
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Loretta Lynn - Other Woman
Loretta Lynn, What can I say when you look "Country" up in the dictionary you see Loretta Lynn!
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