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The W5TXR Master Phonetic Chart                        Download

US Amateur Radio Band Plan Chart (ARRL)                Download

Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide (ARRL).         Download

Master Tone Signaling Reference Chart (Midian).         Download

DVSI AMBE-2020 Vocoder Manual                         Download

HF Digital Voice (From ARRL QEX).                        Download

The P25 Training Guide - Extremely detailed!             Download

The Baofeng UV-5R

More to come!

Baofeng UV-5R Schematic    Click Here
The Single IC (Chip) Transceiver for the UV-5R
RDA Microelectronics RDA1846
Very Informative!

Baofeng UV-5R  Toshiba FET Final Driver Transistor

Baofeng UV-5R  Reneses FET Final Output Transistor

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