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Welcome to the W5TXR Hamfest
Amateur Radio Equipment for sale
Cleaning out the hamshack
Postal money order/Check*/Credit  Card
Call to pay with credit card
With great reluctance I have created a Pay Pal account just for this type of thing.
I'm a firm believer that Pay-Pal rips people on their rates!
They are NOT the only game in town!

Personal checks are held for 10 days.

 5% Discount for cash / money order/ check

I have two Yaesu FT-1DR Ht's for Sale
(have to make room for the (2) FT-2DR HT's !)

 Comes with original boxes, owner's manuals, AC chargers (wall adapter), factory antenna, factory battery

Extra included:  (1) Desk top AC Rapid Charger, (1) FT-1DR Service Manual, (2) RF adaptors (Either SMA-N  or SMA-UHF Your choice)
Radios are Firmware upgraded to the latest  V2.7 and DSP 0410

Now, Cosmetic Rating  1 to 10 
 1= Trashed, looks as if it were run over by a Cat Bulldozer (Twice)
10= New Out of the box, Mint Condition

Both FT-1DR's Cosmetic = 8.5
Function / Electronic =  10 Everything works 100%
Batteries Capacity = 9.0

If you want to commit to buying or have questions
e-mail or call  mark@w5txr.net  or (830) 494-3913


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